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Leather Grip Gloves for Gym Workout, Fitness, Pole Dancing, Aerial Dance, Lyra and Hoop – Non Tack!

The leather grip gloves by are specifically designed for gym workouts, pole fitness dance in static mode as well as other aerial arts such as Lyra, Silks, Hoop, Pole Hoops like the Lollipop and can be used for yoga, weight lifting, crossfit or other fitness activities where you need a good grip.  It’s the PERFECT all around fitness glove for women and men.

These gloves are great for novice to expert pole fitness levels and any dancer with sweaty hands when lifting weights, kettlebells, pole dancing, crossfit, or any other gym workout!  There is a soft leathery type palm surface that will help you get a better grip on the dance pole while allowing the grip to slide slightly for spins done on a static dance pole.

Non-tack grip gloves are great for beginners who haven’t developed the strength in their hands to grip and intermediate to experts who need to endure long training periods on a static pole.

NON-tacky gloves are best for static poles and advanced moves that DO involved some sliding of the hand to execute.  NON tacky gloves allow some sliding movement on the pole to adjust during the execution of a pole dancing move.

These gloves are not the best option for use in a spinning dance pole moves. Grip gloves with tack are best for spinning dance poles, beginners lacking initial grip strength, and advanced pole moves that don’t involve the minor sliding of the hand.  Tacky gloves will not allow any sliding motion on the hands and promote stabilization of the hands when learning difficult moves or pole tricks.


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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 5 × 6 × 1 in
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