Lupit aerial lyra hoop in black powder coated with 30mm
The rigging piece needed for using Lupit aerial hoop or lyra to mount it also known as Lupit hoop IPSF rigging mount
Lupit aerial lyra hoop in black powder coated with 30mm

Lupit | Hoop / Lyra IPSF Rigging Mount


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Lupit Aerial Hoop / Lyra IPSF Rigging Mount

This is a highly secure rigging mount that has been approved for IPSF INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIONS. The Lupit hoop/lyra IPSF rigging mount is a rigid type mount which is fixed to a mounting point.

When rigging an IPSF rigging mount, it is important to know that this type of mount is firmly connected to the rigging point. This way you have better control of the hoop, but when swinging it feels heavier for the performer.

The unique mounting system makes this mount very secure and at the same time easy to install or remove from the hoop. It can be used as a single or double rigging style. IPSF setup requires two mounts.

For safety, rigging for aerial arts should be installed by qualified professionals who have experience in aerial rigging and safety.They will ensure that the rigging mount is appropriate for the specific aerial hoop setup, taking into account factors such as weight load, stability, and structural integrity. Additionally, regular inspections and maintenance of the rigging mount and aerial equipment are essential to ensure continued safety during performances.


The package includes:

  • 1 Custom designed mount with safety axle and hex screw, hex key 5mm
  • The price is for one product - one (1) IPSF rigging mount system


Packed in a plastic bag or a small box 


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