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Lupit Aerial Lollipop Lyra



Lupit Aerial Lollipop Lyra Pole For Lupit Stage | Powder Coated or Stainless Steel

For Use With Lupit Portable Freestanding Dance Pole Stage Only. The stage is sold separately.

Lupit Stage Aerial Lollipop is a round apparatus made of stainless steel or powder-coated finish, which is mounted on the lower bar of Lupit Stage instead of an extension bar and on which aerial and pole artists can perform various acrobatic elements. It can be used in static or spinning mode. 

 The standard size is available: Inner diameter of 950 mm (37.40 in.) 

*Important restriction: For safety and stability reasons we strongly recommend the use with LUPIT POLE STAGE, LONG LEGS!


  • Stainless Steel
  • Black Powder Coated



  • Working centered static Load Limit is 1.1KN and the centered statics Breaking Load Limit is 2.5KN.  
  • Dimensions: Inner diameter is 950 mm / 37.40 in 
  • handle diameter: 30 mm / 1.18 in 
  • Tube thickness: 2.5 mm / 0.09 in 
  • Material: stainless steel 
  • Distance from stage floor/platform: 1550 mm /61.02 in (saddle), 2530 mm / 99.60 in (highest point) 
  • Mounting point/socket connection matches the standard Lupit Stage External connection of the lower pole 
  • Coating: Brushed Stainless Steel or Black Powder Coated



Recyclable cardboard: 

  • Length – 1100mm (43.30 in) 
  • Width – 1100mm (43.30 in) 
  • Height – 60mm (2.36 in) 
  • Weight – 7.5kg



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Products are shipped directly from Lupit warehouse in Slovenia. Once you place your order here – your order is transferred to Lupit for processing. Our shipping and delivery times are the exact same as buying through Lupit directly. International shipping for large items like poles and mats take longer to arrive. Processing time to package items for shipment is 30 business days (excluding weekends and holidays). Lupit has a long processing time because the poles and mats are made & packaged after each order is placed. They do not hold pre-made stock in their warehouse. Once packaged, shipping time can take up to 5-10 business days via economy ground to arrive depending on your location. Since these items are coming from Slovenia, they must clear customs during the shipping process. Customs can cause delays that are beyond our control and beyond Lupit’s control. Customs takes the time they choose to clear shipments into the USA and they do not give any of us a time frame. Generally, they are pretty quick to clear items into the USA coming from Lupit.

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Canada – $99.99

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