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Lupit Stage Carry Bags


Lupit Stage Carry Bag

This is the carry bag for your Lupit Pole Stage. If you previously purchased a Lupit Portable Freestanding Dance Pole Stage without the carry bag you can now purchase the carrying bag separately here.

The Lupit Stage Carry Bag allows you to easily transport your Lupit Pole Stage whenever you please!

The bag is constructed by hand from high-quality synthetic fabric. It is light, robust, and built in a way that's easy on the body.

It's a three-piece bag. The base is made up of one part, the plates are made up of a second portion, and the pole and legs are made up of a third part.

Only use water to clean it, and then have fun!


  • It protects the pole from damage while being carried.
  • When the LUPIT POLE STAGE is not in use, it's ideal for keeping all of the parts safely.
  • The LUPIT POLE STAGE is easily carried thanks to its ergonomic design and wheels.
  • Materials of excellent grade.
  • They're well-made bags with an excellent aesthetic.
  • Custom Made in the EU


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USA (excluding Alaska & Hawaii, & Puerto Rico): $49.99

Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico: $69.99

Canada: $71.99

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