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Pole Dancing Grip Aid For Hands & Body by PoleFitnessDancing

This is a new, revolutionary grip aid made by PoleFitnessDancing (PFD).

The Perfect Gripping solution by PoleFitnessDancing (PFD) custom made for pole dancing.

Non-Stick, completely clear, transparent, High Performance gel providing the ultimate gripping powder to master your moves.

Unlike anything you have ever tried before, this gel grip aid has multiple benefits:

  • Adds a slight moisture to the skin providing an anti-slip “dewy tack” for your hands and body.
  • Works exceptionally well for combination or dry skin.
  • Use it on your inner thighs, inner calves, behind the knee, or any where you need a little extra grip.
  • No chalky white mess – Ever!
  • Sanitizing benefits for your pole and skin.

How does this compare to other pole dancing grip aids?

  • No white mess or over drying effect like Dry Hands or other white chalk grip aids.
  • Similar to Dew Point, only different formula and consistency. Will provide that little bit of tack you need on your body to stick to the pole with the pain of sliding when you need to.
  • Not great for super sweaty hands. While it does repel rain and perspiration it doesn’t have strong anti-perspiration activity like Tite Grip.
  • Can easily be combined with any of the above mentioned grip aids for your own “unique” customized gripping power for your individual skin type and environment.


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