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A black neoprene tote at the beach
A black neoprene tote bag and matching mini pouch
A black neoprene bag with mini pouch
a black neoprene tote
A black neoprene beach tote bag
A black neoprene tote bag with red accent color and matching mini pouch
A black neoprene tote at the beach
A black neoprene tote bag and matching mini pouch
A black neoprene bag with mini pouch
a black neoprene tote
A black neoprene beach tote bag

Black Neoprene Tote


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Black Neoprene Tote (a.k.a Scarlet Venus)

A red scarlet venus fly trap designOur Black Neoprene Tote (a.k.a Scarlet Venus) is a one of kind, unique bag. We designed this bag with its scarlet venus fly trap on the front to give it is own personality. The deep vibrant red color matches the inside panels of the bag as well as the inside of the mini pouch. The rest of the bag is rich black color that is silky smooth to the touch.

Not only is this black neoprene tote bag GORGEOUS, but it is also versatile. You can practically use this one bag for EVERYTHING! It can bea black neoprene tote shown in small size and large size used as a smaller everyday purse. But when you need to add additional bulkier items to it you simply unsnap the two side snaps and it becomes a much larger tote. So no need to switch back and forth from a smaller purse to a larger tote on different days... it can do it all! It is lightweight and durable since it is made out of neoprene which is the same fabric that scuba wetsuits are made out of!

What is a neoprene bag?

A neoprene tote is a bag made out of neoprene fabric. Neoprene fabric is used to make scuba wetsuits. It is waterproof, flexible, lightweight, and very durable. With all of these qualities, it makes neoprene bags have a luxurious look to them but they are also perfect to be used for a day at the beach or a tote for the pool!

Can you wash neoprene bags?

Yes, you can wash neoprene bags. Different people have slightly different opinions on this though... We prefer to wash our black neoprene tote by hand, in cool water, with a mild detergent. Some people place them in their washing machine on a gentle cycle but beware washing machines can be harsh even if it is on the gently cycle. There is no guarantee that it will not mess up your tote or damage the hardware on the bag. One more thing.... do not soak the bag. This could ruin your magnetic snaps. Also never put your neoprene tote in the dryer. You should just hand it up to air dry. 😊

How do you get wrinkles out of neoprene bags?

Simply hang your black neoprene tote on a hanger for 24-48 hrs if it gets wrinkled. The wrinkle will disappear. If you get a more stubborn type of crease on your neoprene tote you can gently stretch the neoprene fabric to help pull it back to its original shape. Then you will want to hang it up for 24-48 hours for it to relax back into shape.

Are neoprene bags worth it?

Our black neoprene tote is definitely worth it. It is the best multipurpose tote that is at the perfect size of (15" x 9" x 12"). It is made of high quality neoprene material and heavy duty straps that will not break. It is the perfect length and fits very comfortably on your shoulder. Not to mention it has strong magnetic snaps that will get the job done!


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Black Neoprene Tote
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