Upper Back Posture Corrector

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Upper Back Posture Corrector Brace by PoleBody®

Back and body posture are very important when pole dancing or when engaging in ANY fitness activity.   If exercise is done without proper posture, then the true benefits of the exercise are lost.  When they are lost, then you must work HARDER to get real results.

Posture is something most people neglect and therefore never really reach their full potential in regards to the best levels of fitness achievement.   Proper posture can be confusing for some people, especially when you don’t have a personal trainer by your side during a workout at home, but that’s not a problem anymore!

This upper back posture correcting brace will help you feel the right and proper muscular posture during dance, gym exercises, working in front of a computer in the office, or any other activity that cause pain or discomfort from hunching or slouching!  It’s perfect for pain relief in the shoulders and upper back and offer great clavicle support for best results.

PoleBody® back posture corrector is manufactured in a FDA approved medical brace facility producing the finest quality to ensure you get the very best product for your money!

Say goodbye to the struggle for proper posture!  Make your fitness routine and life in the office easy, pain free while simultaneously creating a slimming appearance.

Adjustable Sizing for Adults & Children:

Chest circumference 80-120cm(31.5”-47.3”)

Comes with complete instructions for use.



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