X Pole Warmer For a Pole Dancing Pole


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X-Pole Dance Pole Warmer / Heating Pad

Tired of having to use a cold pole? Worry not folks, X-POLE has the solution – our very own Pole Warmer is here!  

• Simply wrap around your pole using the Velcro straps to secure in place.

• Switch it on and leave at the desired heat setting (20 30 or 40 degrees) for 15-20 minutes.

• Switch off the pole warmer, remove and use your warm pole!



1. After removing the X-Pole warmer from its packaging familiarize yourself with the Operation & Controls instructions.

2. Wrap the warmer pad tightly around the X-Pole starting with the bottom of the pad where the power cord exits, approximately 750mm (30”) from the floor. Secure using the ‘Hook & Loop’ tape down the edges of the warmer pad.

3. Once securely attached, plug the pole warmer into the power supply.  Use an extension lead if needed to ensure that the main power core is not stretched. A stretched lead/cord will pull the warmer pad down the pole.

4. Making sure the warmer is attached securely press the ‘On/Off’ button and select the heat setting required.


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