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Here is a FREE pole dancing lesson online so you can get a feel for how the PoleBody® lessons work:

PoleBody® Complete Online Pole Lessons Course For Everyday Women PoleBody Complete Home Edition Pole Dancing Lessons Videos

These Online Pole Dancing Lessons are perfect for everyday men and women to learn how to pole dance at home for fitness.

You will learn how to do basic to advanced pole dancing moves by learning pole dancing routines to music!

It’s so much fun, it won’t feel like a workout at all!

Complete with lessons for full-figured, ultra basic beginners all the way up to advanced levels like inverting spins and the inside leg hang.

Suitable for the Everyday Moms.  Excellent for beginners who want to start pole dancing workout at home.

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professional grade portable removable spinning dancing pole kit for homeGet Beginner Online Pole Lessons In Your Dance Pole Starter Kit

Purchase a pole dancing pole starter kit (any brand) for your home and get the “Beginners Online Pole Dancing Lessons” included.

All of the pole dancing poles (including portable and permanent) come in a kit with FREE beginner lessons.

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getting your splits for beginner to advanced pole dancing online lessonsYou can learn how to get your splits regardless of your age – I started at age 28 and still have them at age 38!!

It’s never too late get more flexible.  Flexibility will greatly enhance your ability to execute more advanced pole dancing moves.

These online lessons are great for ultra beginners and those seeking an over-split too!

ab routine exercise for pole dancingGet a strong DANCERS core – this isn’t your ordinary ab routine at the gym!

Regular crunches and ab routines can be BORING!!!!

The online ab workout lessons put an abdominal strengthening routine into a DANCE so you don’t feel like you are counting repetitions anymore!

DANCE your way through this abdominal routine and take it to the gym too!

tips for beginner pole dancers to get better at pole dancing ebook lessons

Struggling To Get Better at Pole Dancing?

This Vbook (Vbook is an Ebook that contains videos) “Professional Tips for Beginner Pole Dancers” and get access to 3 pole dance routines that are EXCLUSIVE to the VBook and found no where else on my site.

You can never get enough pole dance routines in your life!  This is a very reasonable option and a fun way to start pole dancing today!

Professional Training Make a Difference! Getting better at pole dancing means learning the insider secret of the pro’s.  You get everything from proper form, eating and dieting tips to burn fat, pole dance routines, exercises for proper muscular structure, and much more!

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Advanced & Expert Online Pole Lessons

If you are already experienced and are looking to take your training to the next level into expert then these online pole lessons are for you!

  • Learn from World Pole Dance Champions and Stars
  • New Instructors are added all the time
  • New video lessons are added all the time
  • Master the art of Pole Dancing by learning some secret tips and famous moves
  • Learn anytime you want!
  • Take your fitness to the new level!
  • Be more creative with this amazing form of dancing
  • Learn how to keep your posture in the best position
  • Boost your confidence and fall in love with pole
  • Master the signature combos and improve your level as never before!

You will learn from top pole dance competitors in their field including kira noire, evgeny greshilov, phoenix kazree, olga trifonova, kristina dumanskaya, yvonne smink, alessandra marchetti, daria che, vladimir karachunov, pink puma, alisa pleskova, slava ruza, natalia tatarintseva, marion crampe, jamilla deville, kenneth kao, dmitry fedotov, galina musina, timber brown, vane lunatica, natasha wang, magnus labbe, sergia louise anderson.

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Exotic online pole dancing lessonsExotic Online Pole Dancing Lessons

If you are looking for something to nurture you exotic side then these online classes are for you!

This Exotic Course by Open Dance Academy which will assist you to reveal your inner Artist and Performer. The exotic form of pole dance may or may not include heels. We believe that some of our combos may certainly become part of your routine. This course will provide you with special tricks and combos to be used in the themed performance in which you can develop a character and tell a story. The Exotic Pole Dance moves are more focused on music, showmanship, interpretation of their song and creative choreography.

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Platinum-Class-online pole dance lessonsComplete Online Pole Lessons Beginner to Expert Advanced

If you want total complete training from beginner to advanced training from the competitive pros in the pole dance fitness world, this course is for you.

Time to SHINE – Time to go for Platinum!

OUR BESTSELLER!  Through this program, you get lifetime access to hundreds of lessons from trendy instructors and new lessons are added all the time. We are offering this amazing package for one-time fee of only $350; no hidden charges! You will get lifetime access – meaning you are able to learn anytime, anywhere you want. Learn at your own pace! Pole dancing is a big part of your life – why not make it platinum? Your body and soul will thank you!


  • Hundreds of video lessons and hours of content!
  • Learn from world Pole Dance Champions and Star
  • Master the ins and outs of pole dancing by learning some secret tips and famous moves
  • Learn anytime you want!
  • New videos are posted regularly
  • Start from beginners and take your journey to become an expert in no time!
  • Save massive time and money
  • Take your fitness to a whole new level
  • Be more creative with this amazing suave form of dancing and infuse more creativity in your life

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