How To Choose A Dance Pole For Home Fitness

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Our best sellers are the Pro Quality Chrome 45mm Dance Pole (AKA affordable no brand pole) and the X Pert X Pole Chrome 45mm.  Both are static and spinning, fully removable and portable.  It’s very common for people to ask about what the differences are in these two poles, here is an article that will give you a side by side comparison of these two dance poles =>

Lupit is a NEW brand to the US and is steadily gaining traction and popularity, sales increase on this one every day.

Lil Mynx is a steady brand and has been around selling poles a very long time, still a good seller as well.

Free pole dance guide for beginners


If you are BRAND NEW to pole dancing at home and you know nothing about grips aids, home dance poles, crash mats, etc, it is highly recommended that you get the FREE ebook called “Everything You Need To Know To Get Started Pole Dancing At Home”

It will walk you through things in a more holistic manner regarding how to get started learning how to pole dance at home and covers a lot more than just buying your first dance pole.   The information on this page below is strictly limited to helping you decide which dance pole to best for you to buy given your individual situation : )



Start With Your Budget

Most people begin to choose a pole based on their budget.  If you can afford a name brand pole, it is recommended that you do so.  If you are on a tight budget, the removable and spinning Pro Quality Dance Pole is a high quality safe alternative to name brand poles.  The X Pole brand has better extension options in case you ever want to change your ceiling height as well as an easier install.  Lil Mynx brand is better for permanently installed dance poles that screw into the ceiling and floor as well as poles that are cut to fit your ceiling height.  Lupit brand is the easiest of all the portable dance poles to install.

You should never compromise you health or safety when buying a pole.  There are many other poles on the market (both brand and no brand) that ARE NOT SAFE!  Any pole made with cheap plastic parts should be avoided, especially if you plan to use your pole for exercise or inverting.  It’s just not safe to swing on something made with plastic parts and THIN METAL.

You get what you pay for in poles.  Thicker metal, better bearings, and quality chrome cost money and require more time to construct.

That being said, you don’t need to buy a name brand pole if you know what you are looking for in a good, safe no brand pole.

*It is recommended that you buy the best quality pole you budget will allow for the sake of your safety and health.  This is an investment in you and your quality of life, it’s not worth taking the cheap route.*

The Pro Quality Pole Dancing Pole Kit with Free lessons is our “safe alternative” if you can’t afford a name brand pole like an X Pole, Lupit, or Lil Mynx.

Assessing Your Home Dance Space As Well As Floor & Ceiling Type.

One of the most common concerns when installing a dance pole at home is if it will damage the floor or ceiling (especially if you have popcorn ceiling) and if you have enough space in the area where you want to install the pole.  If you buy a good quality pole and you install it correctly according manufacturer’s instructions, the pole rarely causes any damage.  However, there are certain exception to that rule and you want to be sure your floor, ceiling, and dance space are safe before you purchase your pole and begin your home pole dancing workout.

As always, consult a professional carpenter to assess your ceiling and floor for safe installation of a home dance pole.

Here are some great reference to help you:


Know Your Ceiling Height & Angle

This is a big one because not all dance poles will adjust to all ceiling heights.  In a general sense, most dance pole kits will fit  general ceiling height of 7′ 4″ ft to 9 ft high.  There are dance poles for ceilings shorter than 7′ 4” and taller than 9′ but your options become more limited once your ceiling height go out that general range.

If your ceiling is taller than 9ft, you will need a dance pole kit along with extra extensions (purchased separately) to get a good fit for your individual ceiling.   All the extensions and dance poles featured in our shop have a size chart so you will know exactly what size extension to buy with your dance pole of choice.  Please note* dance pole extensions are brand specific and cannot be interchanged with other brands.

All removable dance poles have a max height so it’s important to know that in advance before you purchase.

If you ever plan to have or do have a taller ceiling, we recommend buying a pole with a lot of extension options.  X-Pole brand has the most extension options available on the market today and can be customized to fit ceiling up to 14′ 3″.   The dance pole is still fully removable at that height.  The Pro Quality Dance Pole, The Lupit Classic Dance Pole, and The Lil Mynx Dance Pole all have a max height of about 10′ to 10.5′ after you purchase the one additional extension available.  The poles that max out at 10ft do work for most general users.

If you have really tall ceilings (about 12-14′ 3″) then your pole will start to get a LOT more flexible after adding so many extensions.  Too much flex in a pole isn’t desirable for everyone and ends up being scary to dance on for most people if you’re not used to it. *Please note that I said “scary” not “un-safe” – they mean too different things : ).  To get rid of too much flex in taller poles we recommend you try Build A Poles >>

We do not sell poles taller than 14′ 3″ at this time.  If your ceiling is taller than 14’3″, please consider a dance pole with a platform or stage base to place in the room.  These do not attach to the ceiling and are stabilized by the stage base only.  A HUGE perk is that they are still portable dance poles even though they have a stage meaning you can take them to the beach, a party at your friends house, or wherever your imagination can take you : )

If you have ceilings shorter than 7′ 4″ you very best option is the Lil Mynx dance poles because you can have them custom cut to fit your shorter ceiling FOR FREE!  No other brand does this!  The only other option you have is buy an X Pole,then buy an extra 750mm extension and replace the top main pole that comes in the standard kit to shorten the pole – but this option is a LOT more expensive than getting the Lil Mynx.  The only advantage to choosing X Pole over Lil Mynx when you have shorter ceilings is that if you change your mind and move your pole to a different area or home then the X Pole will adapt to those changes not matter what choose as long as you don’t go over 14′ 3″ high.  The custom cut Lil Mynx will only have about 10 inches of play room to go higher if you change your mind on the ceiling height.

If you own your home, don’t plan to move any where any time soon, and your ceiling is below 9 ft but not shorter than 7′ 4″ then you have more options. The X Poleaffordable Pro Quality Dance Pole, Lupit, and the Lil Mynx are good sturdy poles for home use.  At this point you can fall back on your budget and type of use to help you decide which pole is best for you.

Once you extend your pole above 11ft, it is recommended that you stabilize is with a ceiling mount (which screws into the ceiling)  Ceiling mounts are required on poles taller than 12ft, the dome is not supportive enough when the pole is extended that high.

Vaulted Ceiling mounts are available for both brand and no brand poles.  These mounts will accommodate most roof angles, it does need to be screwed into a ceiling joist.

Still a little confused?  Here is a great article that goes into great detail about choosing the right dance pole for your ceiling height =>

Next, Do You Want Spinning, Static, or Both?

The most common seller is a pole that is both spinning and static (stationary).  If you are a beginner, it is worth the investment to get a pole that does both.  You will find the spinning mode easier to learn on in some ways AND it’s a lot of fun!

The main reason you would require a spinning dance pole is to hold a pole move while the pole rotates, giving the viewer a pleasurable view and you (the user) a fun ride!  Many women find it fun to simply hold on to the pole and swing, it’s a playful sensation much like a kid on a marry-go-round.  Your husband and kids will swing on it too!  It brings out the kid in everyone.

Static poles are cheaper and are also nice to pole dance on, but you do miss out on the playful movement a spinning pole provides and your rotating action during pole spins and moves is DRASTICALLY limited.  If you are a beginner and don’t plan to swing on the pole much (more or less just dance around it with an occasional climb or swing) then a static pole will suite you just fine.

Watching dance pole reviews is a great way to see the difference and make a choice that is right for you.


Then, Decide On A Finish Type

different finish types for pole dancing polesThe chrome finish is the most common and widely used.

If you are thinking you want the Pro Quality Pole Dancing Pole, there is only one finish available and that is the chrome finish.

There are several different finishes for the X Pert X Pole (which is a spinning and static pole).  You can choose a different finish for the pleasure of the color OR for functionality.  The X Pole XPert dance pole review is found here =>

Lil Mynx poles have different finish options as well including:

Lupit Poles also have two different finishes available in Chrome (not available in the US yet) and Stainless Steel.  The Lupit stainless steel dance pole review is found here =>

Here is a great article that goes into detail about the advantages and disadvantages of the different dance pole finish types >>


Next Decide on Pole Size (Diameter)

The most common is 45mm.  If you have never danced before and have no clue, I recommend the 45mm.  Both the X Pole and the Pro Quality Affordable No Brand pole are 45mm.

The extra options for size only come in the X Pole.  Those extra sizes are:

  • 40mm dance poles (1.5in) – slimmest pole yet and great for small hands
  • 42mm dance poles (1.65in) – easier to grip than 45mm but not better suited for the average user (my personal favorite)  Only made by Lupit
  • 45mm dance poles (1.75in) – easy to grip with your hands and used in worldwide competitions
  • 50mm dance poles (2in) – the old standard, easy to grip for leg inversions but harder to grip than the 45mm

The Pro Quality Affordable No Brand only comes in 45mm.

If you are a Lil Mynx fan, their poles come in both 45mm and 50mm.

Here is a great article that goes into depth about the different pole sizes, diameters, and lengths >>>


Grip Aids and Crash Mats

You will want to consider getting a good quality crash mat when you begin learning to invert (go upside down).  Most beginners don’t learn this right away so you may or may not need one when purchasing your first dance pole for home.  Here is an in depth pole dance crash mat review =>

Grips Aids like Dry Hands, Tite Grip, The Lupit Pad (and pole cleaner in one), and Mighty Grip are good to order right away because beginner pole dancers usually don’t  have the strength in their grip to execute some spins.  A powder or cream to enhance the grip on the pole will help you stick to the pole until your grip gets stronger with practice.

Grip gloves are also a nice addition for beginners because developing the muscular strength in your hands to hold your own body weight on the pole take time to develop.  And we are all in a hurry to play on the pole as much as we can aren’t we!  So grip gloves will help you dance longer, especially in the beginning.  Remember, they are never a substitute for developing the strength to grip with your own hands and you should dance without them as much as you can.   The advantage of them is that you don’t need to push or abuse your hands into pain or blisters or sacrifice much loved dance time over challenging grip issues when the gloves are available for you now : )

You can detailed information on choosing a grip aid and cleaning the dance pole here =>


Addressing Heavy Body Weights and Type of Use

It’s very common for someone to be concerned that the pole will be safe to use if they are a heavier body weight : )  Lucky you, because so many people have asked, we created an article that dives deep into this issue so you can make a dance pole purchase that feels safe and easy.  You can find that article titled Pole Fitness Dance Pole Safety Tips for Full Figured Women and Heavier Men here =>

Many women of 200+ pounds pole dance safely for fitness, it’s ok to be concerned : )  Here is a recent testimonial from a heavier gal who bought the Chrome Pro Quality Dance Pole:

“My whole family loves the pole.


Marion here! I am so pleased to report that thus far things have been great. My whole family loves the pole. My place is small, it’s right smack dab in between the living and dining areas. Every uses it as a fitness tool. When the kids are sound asleep or at Nana’s I practice the sexy.. otherwise I just exercise. the stretches you can do with a vertical pole are amazing. I bought it because I have wanted one for years and because it will help me with my grips and upper body strength. I train Bazillian Jiu jitsu. For my big girls, please know that I am 5’7″ and 222lbs (229) a few weeks ago. It is so secure. I followed Danna’s video to install. I installed it with the help of my guy. We rent and no risk to the security deposit -because we followed the guidelines and it’s secure on joists! I am so so pleased. I can do very basic spins… it’s nothing fancy but girls… it’s liberating and aweome. I never thought I’d love me so much at 32 years and a mom of 3.. I researched for a long time. Danna’s service is awesome. Thank you girl! If you are on the fence… Hop off! Just do it! One life. Make the rest of your years the best of your years. Xo”

View original testimonial in the product reviews section Here >

Marion J. Blow

Dance Pole Reviews

Watching various reviews on different dance poles can also help you decide what’s best for you.  You can find those on our dance pole reviews page here =>


Dance Pole Installation Videos

Watching how to install the dance pole of your choice can also help you decide which pole to choose and whether or not paying extra for a pole that is easier to install or take down is right for you.  This is especially important to do if you plan to take your pole down every day.  Here is the list of the dance pole installation instruction videos for all the poles sold in our store =>

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