XPert Dance Pole Carrying Case Bag


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XPert Dance Pole Carrying Case Bag

Replacement Carry Case Set for NX XPert X Pole model.   This will not work with the XPert PRO model dance poles. Go here for XPert Pro Carry Bag =>

This carry case set is already included in all new X-Pert Pole standard kit so if you are buying a new X Pole dance pole in any model, you DO NOT need to buy this case in addition.

For X-Pert Dome and Pole pieces

This carrying case will fit the Pro Quality Dance Pole but it’s technically not made for it.  It will also fit other types of multi piece dance poles however, the fit may not be “perfect”.   The X Pole brand makes a by far better carrying bag for dance poles than the typical “no brand” carrying bag so if your pole will fit, we recommend the X pole bag due to it’s superior durability.

Fits 40mm, 45mm, and 50mm dance poles.

The Long part of the Carrying Bag / Case has 5 pockets total for 5 different dance pole parts of your choice.  Each pocket has a velcro flip top that folds over end of the pocket to help secure the dance pole part and prevent slippage out of the pocket during transit.   Pocket sizes are as follows:

  • The three longest pockets are 39″ in length with an extra 4″ at the top of the pocket for the dance pole to extend out before reaching the edge of the bag.
  • One 11.5″ Pocket with 2″ of room for the extension to stick out of the pocket.
  • One 23″ Pocket with an extra 4″ at the top of the pocket for the dance pole to extend out before reaching the edge of the bag.

The round part of the bag holds to standard 15 1/2″ Diameter dome for XPert model dance poles.  The base of the XPert pole is inverted inside the dome so both the base and dome fit inside the round bag.


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