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PFD opened business teaching pole lessons in 2010 and officially incorporated in 2013. With over 12 years in the pole industry, we are experts in our feild.

Over 20,000 dance poles sold and counting!

Superior Customer Support both during and after warranty expiration:

We have the largest solution center network available in the USA to answer commonly asked questions surrounding dance pole purchases and learning pole dancing from home or in a studio.

The most broadest Range of Professional Quality Dance Pole Brands On The Internet here in the US.

We don’t convince you to buy one brand or another, we believe in educating our people to make a choices best for them. Period.

Honest Dance Pole Reviews backed by Actual long term USE, not just a review to push you to Amazon for a commission.

Real Life Reviews and Real Caring.   Only High Quality Materials with Exceptional Warranties – No B.S.

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Grip aids for pole dancing fitness for dry sweaty hands
pole dancing poles for sale with lessons and starter kits
Permanent ceiling mounts for pole dancing poles
Foldable Crash Mat pads for pole dancing fitness safety tribe

Are You Ready To Learn The Pole Dancing Secrets To Get Sexy, Fit, & Energized?

free pole dance ebook guide everything you need to get started pole dancing at home

woman learning how to shop for the best pole dancing poles for sale for her home use

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