Professional X Pole XPert Home Pole Dance Kit – NX Model

XPert Dance Pole Kit Contains:

  • One Professional XPert X Pole Chrome with X Joints – 40mm, 45mm, or 50mm
  • X-Pole branded Carrying Bag and Installation instructions.
  • Complete Manufacturer Warranty – click here for details.

The X-Pole XPert model pole dancing poles are one of the best dance poles on the market you can buy for both home and studio use.   The XPert poles are the only dance pole made with the revolutionary X Joint which makes the pole easier to install and makes the pole stronger than most other dance poles with where multiple pieces must be joined together.   The X-Joint is a very heavy, nearly solid metal part that secures the individual pole pieces together.

XPert dance poles are also the most adjustable pole to very wide variety of ceiling heights, these poles can adapt to ceiling heights ranging from 7’4″ all the way up to 14’3″ with extra extensions and ceiling mounts.   This is important to know is case you don’t plan to keep your pole in the same location for a very long time.   XPert poles are easy to get up, down, and to move to a different location making portability easier.

The XPert model also has a unique height adjuster system at the bottom of the pole making it easier to put up and take down.   The Lupit Classic dance pole is the only other high quality brand on the market that offers a superior bottom adjusting pole making it the easiest pole to get up and down on a regular basis.  You won’t ever need a ladder.

X-Pole XPert Key Features:

ADJUSTABLE FOR VARIOUS CEILING HEIGHTS – Standard kit can fit ceiling heights ranging from 7’4″ to 9′.  For Ceilings heights TALLER than 9′, there are extra extensions you can buy.  Go here for the matching chrome extensions =>

BOTH SPINNING & STATIONARY – two hex screws on the bottom allow you to change from spinning to static mode easily.

FLAT WITH VAULTED CEILING CAPABILITIES: The dome in this kit will only work on a flat ceiling ONLY.  If you have a slanted or vaulted ceiling, you must use a vaulted ceiling mount (purchased separately here) to replace the dome included in this kit.

INSTALLS FROM BOTTOM – No ladder needed to adjust height. You can expand and fully lock the pole into positions without ever leaving the ground.  Watch the installation video here >>

REVOLUTIONARY X-JOINT TECHNOLOGY – Metal tube that expands & contracts to hold pole pieces together instead of screw-together-type threads. This technology is exclusive to the XPole brand and increases pole stability, especially for very tall ceiling heights requiring a removable pole.

REMOVABLE & PORTABLE – making it easy to put up, take down, and store away.

WEIGHT LIMIT: 300+ lbs

The NX XPert Pole with X Joints set contains:

  • Micro Base Plate – smaller base for minimum contact and maximum support
  • Main Pole A (bottom pole) with attached height adjuster rod and adjuster cover – Metal (not plastic) Adjuster Cover simply threads into place creating a smooth pole from top to bottom. With no sharp edges or threads to scrape arms or legs, you can utilize the entire pole with confidence.
  • Main Pole B (top pole) – Only the Main Pole A and Main Pole B are needed for ceiling heights of 7ft 4in – 7ft 9inx pole x pert portable dance pole kit
  • 125mm (5in) extension – Attach this extension for ceiling heights 7ft 9in – 8ft 2in
  • 250mm (10in) extension – Attach this extension for ceiling heights of 8ft 2in – 8ft 7in
  • 1 – 180mm (7in) X-Joint – Comes attached to the 125mm extension and used with the smallest extensions that are closest to the ceiling
  • 2 – 200mm (8in) X-Joints – Used to connect all larger pole pieces
  • Top Adapter – Attaches to the upper most pole piece/extension
  • Upper Support Dome – Wide dome that is able to grip a large surface area of the ceiling for extra stability and support (comes with a silicone ring to protect your ceiling).  Works on a flat ceiling only.
  • Hex Key – The ONLY tool you will need to properly set up your X-Pert!
  • Carrying Bag – One case part of the case is used for the pole pieces/extensions and the second is used for the micro base plate and upper support dome.
  • Photo Display Manual
What is the difference in pole finishes?

Brass – Solid brass pole is great for those living in humid areas and has exceptional grip.  Much better grip than chrome, especially in colder environments.

Titanium Gold – electronically coated to enhance grip with a more polished gold color than brass.  Easier to grip than chrome.

Powder Coated – good for those with skin sensitive to metals.  The painted surface gives the highest level of grip for a hard surfaced pole, better than brass for most people.

Chrome most popular & best for general use, fitness, exercise, and competitions.  (contained in this kit)

Stainless Steel – best for those with skin sensitivities to metal and for those living in extremely humid environments that are not temperature controlled.

Silicone – soft rubber coating on this pole is similar to Chinese pole, can wear clothing and commonly used by men.

What is the difference in pole diameters (thickness)?

40mm (1.5in) – slimmest pole yet and great for small hands

45mm (1.75in) – easy to grip with your hands and used in worldwide competitions.  Most popular size and is the industrial standard for fitness.

50mm (2in) – original pole size

X Pole Home Pole Dance Kit Summary –

  1. One NX (newest model) XPert X Pole Set in 40mm, 45mm, OR 50mm in Chrome Finish.
  2. Complete Manufacturer Warranty – click here for details.
  • Ceiling Height – 7’4″-9′ (2235-2745mm)
  • Dance Pole Finish – Chrome
  • Pole Size – 40mm, 45mm, or 50mm
  • Spin or Static – Hex screws in base. (Locks for static mode)

Need this kit with a VAULTED CEILING MOUNT? click here.



Additional information


40mm, 45mm, 50mm

13 reviews for Chrome X Pole XPert NX Model

  1. Melissa (verified owner)

    Love this pole! New to pole dancing so the included lessons are great.

  2. Sophie (verified owner)

    I love this pole! Great quality!! This pole amazing and sturdy and safe( for plus size women like myself). I absolutely love how helpful and quick to respond Danna is, Thank you so much ! She is absolutely one of the most helpful and kind gals I’ve met! I had moved unexpectedly and just ordered a different pole (pro quality) which was great too but the new place had taller ceilings and she let me exchange for proper fitting pole!! Very kind and willing to help. I also have had sever questions along the journey and she is always quick to help. I’m so grateful to have found and ordered through her!! I was confused at first with installation since no directions but all for good purpose; I love that they are about safety first which is why they don’t include instructions so that you have to contact them and get proper and thorough instructions. I also love all the videos very helpful. I would highly recommend either of these poles !! Oh and I also have a vaulted ceiling and the mount is awesome for it !! I can’t say enough how awesome and helpful Danna is!! Definitely will go through her for anything I need related to pole/dance/health!!

  3. AFogg (verified owner)

    Great pole and instructions! Dana really cares that she gives the correct information and proper dance instruction.
    Loving my pole and workouts!!!

  4. Misty (verified owner)

    I’m glad I chose to purchase my Xpole through this website. In addition to the Xpole, I also purchased an assortment of grip aids. The deliveries were in a timely manner, and easy to track with the information provided. Thanks to the instructional videos, my Xpole was easy to assemble and install. It spins ‘smooth as butter’. It is easy to change from spin to static mode,and it has a beautiful chrome finish.
    The customer service is exceptional. I really appreciated the quick response to emails.
    I am happy with my experience and will be returning for future purchases (safety mats, grip aids, etc).
    I can highly recommend Danna and her products.

  5. Sarah (verified owner)

    I chose to buy my pole from here because it ships directly from Xpole, and Danny’s free videos are included. I’ve had the pole for a month or more and I’ve really enjoyed it. It was well packaged, easy to assemble (and Xpole offers an assembly video on YouTube as well as written instructions) and it is strong, sturdy, spins well, easy to change from spin to static mode, etc. No problems with the pole at all.

    Danna has been very kind and supportive, she responds to emails quickly and has been helpful with any questions I’ve had. The videos are really quite excellent. I haven’t watched nearly all of them but it is hours and hours of free content. I am using them to learn since I do not wish to pay for and attend local pole dancing classes. The videos have warm up stretches and stretches to help you “get your splits” as well as of course all of the pole related activities too. As stated, I haven’t watched them all, but totally totally worth buying the Xpole thru her site to get the videos.

  6. Rachel (verified owner)

    I got the 45 mm pole, so glad I watched your installation video and x-pole’s video, it made the install easier for me to do it on my own with 9+ foot ceilings. Took a couple tries to get the right tension though haha. But it is so fun to just get on and spin till I am dizzy or lose my grip. Shipping was speedy and no issues for me. Looking forward to improve my skills with your online lessons and the studio I attend.

  7. Linda Lopez (verified owner)

    Xpert xpole will NOT dissapoint! This pole is a breeze to put up very sturdy, spins and static modes. It is the complete pole package with pretty travel bag included. I Love my xpole, I’m glad I went with this one! Also fast shipping and carefully packaged.

  8. Carol P. (verified owner)

    After much research and two months of private lessons, I ordered the 45mm Xpole Xpert. Danna answered questions very promptly, shipping was fast, assembly, by myself, was very doable. Pole fitness is proving to be a great stress-reliever, a fun way to exercise, and a great way to get stronger. I particularly love that our involves the core and large muscle groups, combating the tendency toward muscle loss and slower metabolism that comes with age. Highly recommend this product and this vendor.

  9. JJ (verified owner)

    I have always wanted a pole (because it is just so sexy, the bodies on women that I have seen pole dancing have been amazing) I did a lot of research before knowing which one I wanted. I knew I wanted a quality pole as well as instructional videos because I am a VERY novice pole dancer (I had NOOOOOOO idea what I was doing.) I stumbled upon DANNA’S website, which not only gave me all the right answers to help with my decision but she had the XPert X-pole (which BTW this pole is like the porches of poles) The unveiling of the pole upon opening the package was exciting and I put it up immediately. Easy to read assembly instructions, and from the moment I touched it-it felt sturdy, quality built/made and I was not afraid of being hurt due to cheap construction of the pole (read a lot of horror stories and reviews about the poles hurting you-not good) I put my pole together, watched the first video and have been hooked ever since. When I purchased my X-pole I also ordered a bottle of tite grip for hands and feet (which gives better grip-nice to have) I have learned so much, the instructional videos are amazing, Danna really goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that you have all the information, you have the equipment to succeed and its at an amazing price. I just want to personally thank you Danna for absolutely giving us what we needed-when we novice pole artist had no clue what we needed……You are a gem…Definitely worth every penny.

  10. Nicole B (verified owner)

    I did a lot of research before buying this pole, and Danna definitely has the best deal. It stays in place nicely, and the spin/static function is fun to switch between. The video lessons and tips that come with the pole are a great added bonus! Well worth the buy!

  11. Trish Sevier (verified owner)

    X pole Chrome 45 user here and simply love it. It’s quick and easy to set up and take down. Thank you Danna for providing the video lessons as well as your quick and easy ordering process.

  12. Tia (verified owner)

    I am the type of person who researches a lot before I buy a product, so when so many other people swore by this pole I figured I would splurge and buy the Xpert Xpole. I bought it from because it was the best price and plus you got free dance lessons which was an awesome bonus. Danna is amazing she replied back really quick to any questions I had. The pole shipped pretty quick, about 7 days. I was super excited and I have to say putting it up was super easy. I really really love my pole, I love the fact I can go from static to spin easily, it’s also super sturdy.

  13. Kat (verified owner)

    Amazing! Stays in place, retains finish and love the static and spin toggle!

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