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PFD Flat Dome Pro Chrome Removable, Portable, and Spinning Dance Pole Kit For Home Use

Home Dancing Pole Kit Summary:

  • PFD Flat Dome Professional Pro Quality Chrome 45mm Removable and Portable Spinning Dance Pole for home use.
  • Instant Access to Beginner Online Video Pole Dancing Lessons - A $47.00 VALUE - INCLUDED! (digitally delivered).
  • 1 Black Carrying Bag
  • 6 month warranty – click here for details.

The PoleFitnessDancing.com (PFD) Chrome Portable Removable Dance Pole is a screw together type dance pole offering a superior chrome plating finish, extra strong joints, and smooth action bearing for a smooth and gracefully looking pole dance move or inverted spin!   Fully removable and portable.

Manufactured with the highest standard and sturdy enough for home and professional use, built to securely last.  All metal construction, no plastic parts ever!  Sports extra soft rubbery grip on both the dome and base for an exceptionally safe installation.


This is fully removable, spinning, portable, and durable enough to safely invert as a professional at home.   It is great for pole dancing for fitness, exercise, or for dancers aspiring to be professional fitness competitors.  Whether you are a beginner or professional pole dancer, this pole is produced with the highest standards to bring you the best pole experience on the market featuring high quality – easy-to-grip chrome, smooth advanced bearings, sleek design dome, articulating base with strong stem support, screw together joints, and ALL metal parts.  The 45mm Fitness Poles strength and rigidity are maintained by using deeper screw joints and thick metal tube construction.


The standard in home dance pole kit can adjust to ceiling heights of 7'4" to 9'3". If you need to go above 9'3" you will need an additional 500mm extension to reach up to 10'10". We do not recommend extending it any higher than 10'10" unless you drill four holes into the top mount in order to screw it into a SOLID surface such as a beam to make it a more semi-permanent installation.


  • Both Spinning & Static with a simple turn of hex key on base.
  • Installs from the bottom, no need for a ladder to install it.
  • 45mm (1.77") Chrome Pole & all metal constructed, most common size for beginners and pros.
  • No ceiling fixings required.
  • Finished in the ideal finish for pole - High grade electroplated chrome.
  • Adjustable height from 2230mm (7'4") to 2745mm (9' 3") straight from the box.  Height can be adjusted from the bottom of the pole.
  • Can achieve a height of 10'10" with an added 500mm extension.
  • Screw together tube high precision hollow joints (almost seamless) for maximum strength, stability and smoothness.
  • Easy to use bottom height adjuster with cover.
  • Articulating base, easy to set up on uneven floors.
  • 9" wide, flat dome & base sporting a sleeker look. For FLAT ceilings only.
  • Both Upper Support Dome and Base come with soft Silicone Ring.
  • Angular stability lock to maximize stability of pole.
  • Optional extensions 125mm(4.9") and 250mm(9.8") (Included in this package).
  • Well packed in compact and individual protected tubes package.
  • Max Weight Limit: up to 1102 Lbs (500 kg) vertically and 617 Lbs (280 kg) horizontally.


  • Overall Dimension (Extension Pole Included) (Dia.xH): 9 1/16" x 9'3" (23 x 282 cm)
  • Overall Dimension (Extension Pole Excluded) (Dia.xH): 9 1/16" x 7'10" (23 x 240.5 cm)
  • Suitable Ceiling Height: 7'4" to 9'3" (224 to 282 cm)
  • Top and Bottom Base Plate Diameter: 9 1/16" (23 cm)
  • Top and Bottom Base Plate Thickness: 3/16" (4 mm)
  • Apron Thickness: 3/16" (5 mm)
  • Pole Thickness: 1/16" (2.2 mm)
  • Pole Diam.: 1 3/4" (45 mm)
  • Decorative Pole Cover Length: 7 1/2" (19 cm)
  • Top Base Pole Length: 1 7/16" (3.7 cm)
  • Adjustable Black Screw Pole Length: 7 1/16" to 9 3/16" (18 to 23.4 cm)
  • Poles Length:
    Upper Pole (Nut Excluded): 38 1/8" (96.8 cm)
    Bottom Pole: 38 9/16" (98 cm)
    Extension Pole A: 4 3/4" (12 cm)
    Extension Pole B: 12 5/8" (32 cm)
    Connecting Pole: 7 11/16" (19.6 cm)
  • Vertical Weight Capacity: 1102 Lbs (500 kg)
  • Horizontal Weight Capacity: 617 Lbs (280 kg)
  • Material: 40Cr Steel
  • Net Weight: 22.71 Lbs (10.3 kg)

Package Includes:

  • 4x Poles
  • 1x Decorative Pole Cover
  • 1x Connecting Pole
  • 1x Top Dome
  • 1x Base Plate
  • 1x Set of Assemble Tools
  • 1x Manual


Dance pole is fully removable breaking down into several smaller pieces for easy storing and transporting.



Comes complete with everything for a day to day remove and installation.  Installation Manual included in the box, and for the video installation click here.  Items required for installation but not supplied: Tape measure and optional stud finder to locate ceiling joists. (Stud finders are available for under $20.00 at any hardware store and a skilled handyman can locate joists without a stud finder)


Pole is easy to clean and maintain - learn how to clean the pole and grip this dance pole here.


Pole Dancing Video Lessons Included In Kit

online pole dancing lessons for beginners in pole kit

You will get Beginner Online Pole Dancing Lessons - A $47 VALUE -- INCLUDED!

In these lessons, you will learn basic pole moves, spins, tricks as well as dance stretches, toning exercises, and pole dance routines. The pole dance routines are broken down into individual easy to follow lessons!  While these dance poles are also known as "Stripper Poles", the lessons are NOT stripper style lessons. Everyone is welcome here we just want to be upfront with the style of lessons you are purchasing are more contemporary and not exotic. These lessons are for fitness reasons which include professional dance instruction with the foundation of ballet. While some of the movements are taught feminine and sexy, you will not be learning to strip.  (an example of one of the online pole dancing lessons is shown below)


12 reviews for PFD Pro Chrome Dance Pole Kit – Flat Dome

  1. Tania Leduc (verified owner)

    This is a great value product. It is smooth, easy to install and great quality. I am a beginner and didn’t want to pay 400$ for a Xpole not knowing if I would keep doing it. I will definitely reorder from here.

    Also I had issues with the cover and the clientele service is amazing so far… they are planning to send a replacement for my cover.

  2. Maddie (verified owner)

    I seriously love this pole! Great quality, affordable and very durable!! Its worth it!!

  3. Jess (verified owner)

    I’m not normally one to leave reviews but This company is absolutely amazing, I received my first pole about a week and a half ago but unfortunately realized that it was loose and spinning on static mode so after disassembling it we realized the top base was warped and one of the extensions was shaving down. I emailed customer support about the issue and they sent me a whole BRAND NEW pole within 48 hrs of them receiving my email. I could not be happier with this company, their team and how responsive and helpful they are 🙂

  4. Yosmira Duran (verified owner)

    Im in love with this pole. Super easy to install. Super easy to use. And even tho I was scared to give it a go at first because it doesn’t seem like it has any stability due to not having screws, it was indeed very stable.

  5. Olivia mize

    Does this pole spin or is if only static? And can this pole be taken up & down easily?

    • Keira

      Hi Olivia, yes the pole can be adjusted to spin and can also be used in static mode by just turning the hex key at the base of the pole. This pole is pretty easy to install and remove, as the pole parts screw together easily and it installs from the bottom (not needed to use a ladder to install it). For more info, you can see the installation instructions in the Pole Listing https://www.polefitnessdancingshop.com/product/pro-chrome-dance-pole-kit-flat/ 🙂

  6. Rain (verified owner)

    Love it so far

  7. Cynthia S (verified owner)

    I bought this pole to be able to do fitness inside my home and I absolutely love it! It was extremely simple to install, it only took me 30 minutes and the included instructions. I’ve used it every day since and hosted a girls night and it’s still standing strong and tall! I highly recommend this product and company! 10/10 if I can give more stars I would!!

  8. Anna (verified owner)

    Being you to pull I decided that after all the other reviews to purchase my pole. It’s pretty simple to put together and hold a pretty steady. This is a great pole for beginners and for anyone who lives in an apartment. I look forward to using the heck out of it until I’m ready to move into a more pro pole letter on.

  9. Ashley Graham (verified owner)

    I’m new to pole…I’m mean like it’s been 1 month new. But I absolutely love it and wanted practice at home, so purchased the chrome flat pole. I do like the pole, but honestly I need a video on how to install this specific pole. Paper instruction book Is not gonna cut it. I’m climbing this thing for heavens sake. I have it in my garage, but I’m not 100% sure I have it assembled correctly, because some of the rod at the bottom is showing.this is with the pole cover on and when I unscrew the pole cover the little metal ring that secures the bottom pole keeps sliding down some how, I’ve tightened it’s as tight as my little hands can tight lol…pole is tad bit shaky. Idk. I’m using it but not sure for how long.

  10. Jenny (verified owner)

    I decided to buy this pole from polefitnessdancing.com after a friend raved about how great and affordable this pole was and how she was pleased with her buying experience. I just started using my pole and I’m a total beginner, but overall, the quality appears to be in good shape and it was easy to assemble. I’m someone who gets easily frustrated if anything is hard to put together haha. Also, customer service was very fast in responding to my shipping inquiry which is always a relief. I would definitely recommend this company to future pole purchasers!

    • Misty Morris

      Hello Jenny,

      Thank you for your review! We appreciate it. 🙂

  11. Jennah Groves (verified owner)

    It took a few tries to get the pole completely sturdy in our house but once we did it hasn’t moved since!! It’s amazing, and pretty user friendly once you figure out what parts you need and how to assemble the pieces. You can tell how the quality is there in the pole. 10/10 recommend.

    • Jenea Butler

      Thanks Jennah! Glad you are happy with your pole <3 🙂

  12. Chelsea Garcia (verified owner)

    I really enjoy the pro chrome dance pole! It is easy to assemble, adjust, and I feel safe whenever I use it because of it’s great quality. It is sturdy, and it doesn’t have that flexible movement that I was nervous about. I also got the training videos that was included, and they help a lot. I have been getting stronger with the workouts and more flexible with the stretches. It was a great addition to my life!

    • Jenea Butler

      Thanks Chelsea so much for leaving the review!
      This is a new product and we really appreciate you. 🙂

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Pole Fitness Dancing Video Lessonsonline pole dancing lessons for beginners in pole kit

You will get Beginner Online Pole Dancing LessonsA $47 VALUE — INCLUDED!

In these lessons you will learn basic pole moves, spins, trick as well as dance stretches, toning exercises and pole dance routines. The pole dance routines are broken down into individual easy to follow lessons!

While these dance poles are also known as “Stripper Poles”, the lessons are NOT stripper style lessons. Everyone is welcome here we just want to be upfront with the style of lessons you are purchasing are more contemporary and not exotic. These lessons are for fitness reasons which include professional dance instruction with the foundation of ballet. While some of the movements are taught feminine and sexy, you will not be learning to strip.  (an example of one of the online pole dancing lessons is shown below)

For More Details Regarding These Lessons Go Here >>

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