500mm Pro Quality Dance Pole Extension | 45mm



500mm Chrome Removable Dance Pole Extension

This extension is for screw together type dance poles ONLY.  It is guaranteed compatible with the Pro Quality Removable Pole Dancing Pole but may not work with other no brand poles.  Not all no brand poles are created equally.

This piece will extend the pole 495mm (19.48 inches) higher when added to the main 45mm Pro Quality dance pole.

It is recommended that you use as least amount of extensions as possible to achieve your desired height.  The fewer joints you pole has, the more sturdy it is for use.

If you have the option to buy a larger extension that will give you additional height while simultaneously replacing the smaller 125mm extension then it is highly recommended that you do so.  See Chart Below for reference.

This will only fit screw together type poles, it is not compatible with the X Pole or Lupit Pole.

Other Available Chrome Removable Dance Pole Extensions:

portable removable spinning dance pole extension and height chart












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Weight 63 oz


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