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When you need a very tall pole (especially one over 11'10") then Build-A-Pole by X Pole is your best choice.  The taller the pole, the more flexible it gets and therefor it needs more reinforcement for stability.  The average dance pole kits are not always suitable to extend over 11'10" and that's where Build-A-Poles by X Pole come in handy.

The X Pert X Poles and X Pole Sport Models can go up to 14ft high, however, they will have a tremendous amount of flex in the pole. Switching to Build-A-Poles provides less flex in the pole and a bit better stability.  The down slope is that Build A Poles will always be for the very tall ceiling height due to the longer “main pole” lengths.  The X Pert X Pole or Sport models can be broken down to accommodate much lower ceiling heights if needed in the future due to their shorter “main pole” lengths but you would need to put up with the additional flex in the pole.  When the pole is very flexible, poles that remain installed and used for long periods of time need to be checked regularly to be sure all parts stay tightened.

Build-a-Poles are competition strength X-Pert poles perfect for studio use or home use where the ceiling is very tall.  The bottom X-Pert A pole is over 8ft long. With just one extension and one X-Joint, you could have a 2 piece pole! The pole is dual lined which is ideal for higher ceiling heights and busy studio settings.

The base has the same design and spinning option as the X-Pert pole.  You will also save money by purchasing only the items you need rather than a standard kit.

Simply provide us with your exact ceiling height so X-Pole can custom fit your studio with Build-a-Poles. Studios that are currently using Build-a-Poles are absolutely loving these industrial strength, heavy duty 2 piece X-Pert poles!

Build-A-Poles are offered in

  • 40mm Chrome
  • 45mm Chrome
  • 45mm Stainless Steel (see ceiling height limitations below)
  • 45mm Brass.


Ceiling Height Information:

  • For a FULLY stainless steel and brass finish dance pole, your ceiling height must be between one of these three ranges:

    • 11' 11" - 12' 3"
    • 11' 1" -11' 5"
    • 10' 3" - 10' 7"
    • The chrome finish can fit ranges 8'8" to 14'3"
  • Minimum height for this model is 8'8".
  • MAX height for this model of pole is 14′ 3″. 

Shipping Information:

Since the Build A Poles are shipped in longer pieces, shipping is a lot more expensive than the XPert Pro model dance poles.  Please be prepared to pay for that added expense.

Build A Pole are custom quoted and are done directly through X Pole at this time.   Simply click the buy now button for a direct email and phone number to contact X Pole directly.

We do not sell poles taller than 11′ 1″ at this time.  If your ceiling is taller than 11’1″, please click the get a quote button at the top of the page for an X pole build a pole quote.  Alternatively, you can consider a dance pole with a platform or stage base to place in the room.  These do not attach to the ceiling and are stabilized by the stage base only.


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Access to pole lessons is immediately available after purchase. Look for those details inside your shop account or on your order receipt to access them.

Estimated Time Of Delivery:

USA: The X Poles are shipped directly from the X Pole warehouse in California via Fed Ex ground in the USA.

Areas Shaded In PURPLE are extra extensions you can buy to add on to the standard kit for taller ceiling heights.

For ceiling heights above 11′ and XPert Block Ceiling mount is required for safety. For ceiling heights above 11′ 1″ you would need to switch to the XPert Build A Pole for safety.

You can find ALL the X Pole extensions for ALL finish types and sizes here =>

Xpert Pro Height Chart Dancing Pole (1)


Pole Fitness Dancing Video Lessons

pole fitness dancing lessons onine for beginners included in home dance kit

Enjoy Instant Streaming Access to Beginner Online Pole Dancing Lessons via a mobile device, desktop or smart TVA $47 VALUE — INCLUDED!

In these lessons, you will learn basic pole moves, spins, and tricks as well as dance stretches, toning exercises, and pole dance routines. The pole dance routines are broken down into individual easy-to-follow lessons!

While these dance poles are also known as “Stripper Poles”, the lessons are NOT stripper-style lessons. Everyone is welcome here we just want to be upfront with the style of lessons you are purchasing are more contemporary and not exotic. These lessons are for fitness reasons which include professional dance instruction with the foundation of ballet. While some of the movements are taught as feminine and sexy, you will not be learning to strip.  (an example of one of the online pole dancing lessons is shown below)

Were you hoping for more advanced lessons?  Don’t worry, we have a deeply discounted One Time Offer EXCLUSIVELY for customers who purchase this pole just in case you want to enjoy more than beginner lessons.  This offer is presented to you when you register for your beginner lessons included in this dance pole kit.

For More Details Regarding These Lessons Go Here >>

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