Lupit Aerial Silk Rigging Set


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Lupit Aerial Silk Rigging Set (2x Carabiner + 1x Swivel + 1x Figure 8)

This set includes all the parts you need to mount your silk. The Figure 8 can be used like a bell or a silk hook to hang your aerial silk. The Carabiner and Swivel are also suitable to use in rigging an aerial hoop set.

Product Features:

✔︎ Can be used with any rigging point you already have installed
✔︎ The set is suitable for both fabric and aerial hoop
✔︎ The swivel had a smooth spinning function
✔︎ The Figure 8 Anodized making it a strong and durable choice with great shape to attach silk

Product Specification:

Brand: Lupit
Made In: Europe
Lupit Aerial Silk Rigging Set
Include in the Box: 2x Carabiner + 1x Swivel + 1x Figure 8
Color: Black


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