Lupit Grip Pad For Pole Dancing

Our #1 favorite grip aid!!  Tested and Tried!

This little square grip pad is used for both your hands and to clean you pole!  New, unique, and one of a kind!

The pink side of the pad is used to lightly dust your hands with a grip aid powder that is based on nano-technology that never leaves a white chalky mess on the pole!  It’s far better and smarter than chalk or rosin.

The the black side (opposite) of the pad to clean the pole to quickly remove any had oils or other debris.

This grip aid pad un-like other creams and powders commonly used in pole fitness. A MUST have for every dancer!

Great for all skin types and all dance pole finish types.

Single Grip Pad – $17.90

Display Case of 20 pieces – $225.99

Additional information

Weight 2 oz


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