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Lil’ Mynx | Permanent Lil Mynx Poles

We No Longer Offer Permanent Poles, Read Below To Understand Why And Find Alternative Options ……..

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Permanent Lil Mynx poles in stainless steel finish.

These pole are custom cut to your ceiling height and are a great (and more stable) option for very tall ceiling heights.   This is a one piece pole with no joints and therefore the average USA shipping is $300 plus.   Please be prepared for that when asking for a quote.

This item is available via a quote.  Please contact support for a quote.


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Pole Fitness Dancing Video Lessons

pole fitness dancing lessons onine for beginners included in home dance kit

Enjoy Instant Streaming Access to Beginner Online Pole Dancing Lessons via a mobile device, desktop or smart TVA $47 VALUE — INCLUDED!

In these lessons, you will learn basic pole moves, spins, and tricks as well as dance stretches, toning exercises, and pole dance routines. The pole dance routines are broken down into individual easy-to-follow lessons!

While these dance poles are also known as “Stripper Poles”, the lessons are NOT stripper-style lessons. Everyone is welcome here we just want to be upfront with the style of lessons you are purchasing are more contemporary and not exotic. These lessons are for fitness reasons which include professional dance instruction with the foundation of ballet. While some of the movements are taught as feminine and sexy, you will not be learning to strip.  (an example of one of the online pole dancing lessons is shown below)

Were you hoping for more advanced lessons?  Don’t worry, we have a deeply discounted One Time Offer EXCLUSIVELY for customers who purchase this pole just in case you want to enjoy more than beginner lessons.  This offer is presented to you when you register for your beginner lessons included in this dance pole kit.

For More Details Regarding These Lessons Go Here >>

woman learning how to shop for the best pole dancing poles for sale for her home use

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