X-Clean X Pole Spray Cleaner With Cloth


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Product Description

X-Clean X Pole Dance Pole Spray Cleaner With Cloth

The Perfect Solution

Finally a product that will keep your pole like new.

Why you need X-CLEAN:

• Quickly removes unwanted grip buildup, oil and grime – saves you valuable time!

• Fast drying and NO residue

• Smells nice – soft orange scent

• Will not damage pole

• High quality microfiber cloth included with every purchase

Important Note*  X Clean will make the finish fade faster on Titanium Gold Poles.

How to apply: Shake well and spray microfiber cloth once or twice and wipe pole. For extra buildup, spray directly on pole and wipe off. Excellent for floors and gym equipment too.

8oz – 250ml bottle with spray nozzle


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