XJoints | For XPert, Sport, & Stages Model X Poles

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Product Description

XJoints | For XPert, Pro, Sport, & Stages X Poles – 2014 to Present Models

Available Lengths:

180mm X-Joint (7″)

200mm X-Joint  (8″)

250mm X-Joint  (10″)

Each Joint above comes in 40mm or 45mm sizes.

It is best to use a longer X Joint with Longer extensions, however, you can use ANY of the X Joint Lengths with any length of X Pole Extension EXCEPT for the 125mm extension.  The 125mm extension will only pair with the 180mm X Joint.

1 review for XJoints | For XPert, Sport, & Stages Model X Poles

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    I don’t even know what to say, this made things so much easier!

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