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A black powder coated Lupit Lyra Hoop
A stainless steel Lupit Lyra Hoop
A man on a Lupit Lyra Hoop
A black powder coated Lupit Lyra Hoop
A stainless steel Lupit Lyra Hoop

Lupit Aerial Lyra | Hoop



Lupit Aerial Lyra | Hoop (Black Powder Coated or Stainless Steel)


Lupit Aerial Hoop is a round stainless steel or black powder-coated apparatus suspended from the ceiling on which areal artists can perform various acrobatic elements. It can be used statically, rotating or swinging. 


  • Black Powder Coated
  • Stainless Steel



  • The minimum working load limit (WLL) is 1.7KN and the minimum Breaking Load limit (BLL) is 10KN.  
  • Dimensions: The inner diameter of the hoop can be 900mm (35.43”), 950mm (37.40”), or 1000 mm (39.37”).  
  • Handle diameter: 30 mm 
  • Tube thickness: 2.5 mm 
  • Material: stainless steel AISI304 
  • Number of mounting points (rigging points): 2 
  • Distance between mounting points (rigging points): 600 mm 
  • Type of rigging mount: interchangeable suspension with shaft (axle) 
  • Coating:  brushed stainless steel or black powder-coated




Recyclable cardboard: 

  • Length – 1100mm 
  • Width – 1100mm 
  • Height – 60mm 
  • Weight – 6.5kg 



Before purchasing, please make sure that you have measured the height from floor to ceiling of the location where you want to install the hoop/ Lyra This would help you avoid frustration when installing the hoop/ Lyra as you will have the correct extensions (if necessary) to reach the desired height. 

It is not recommended to install the hoop/ Lyra against a plasterboard ceiling unless it is very strong and extra reinforced. 


Personal responsibility 

This LUPIT product is not supplied with any guarantee or warranty. In connection with the product, LUPIT and/or Pole Fitness Dancing (VPE, LLC) makes no warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title or non-infringement. Use of the product by a user is at the user's own risk. 



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Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico $99.99

Canada – $109.99

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Lupit Aerial Lyra | Hoop