X Pole Purple aerial silks inverted
X Pole Purple aerial silks flying
X Pole Purple aerial silks side view
X Pole Purple aerial silks
X Pole Purple aerial silks inverted two sizes
X Pole Purple aerial silks inverted
X Pole Purple aerial silks flying
X Pole Purple aerial silks side view
X Pole Purple aerial silks

X-Pole | Purple Aerial Silks


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Purple Aerial Silks by X-Pole

Purple Aerial Silks material only.  If you need an attachment to attach the silks to a dance pole you will need the Silkii sold separately here =>
Perfect for Aerial Silk workouts.
Sizes available:
  • 4 meter use (9yd/9m/29ft total length material)
  • 6 meter use (14yd/13m/42ft total length material)
Please note Aerial hardware not included with silks.

X-POLE silk recommendations:

  • To hang your silks safely we recommend buying a Figure 8 connector and carabiner.
  • To hang your aerial silks safely and correctly please check that you have everything you need to do this. If rigging from a ceiling or beam we highly recommend that these rigging points have been weight load tested.
  • X-POLE Aerial Silks can be damaged and laddered by jewelry and watches, please make sure you remove any before use.

Rigging Accessories: (NOT Included)
Depending on your rigging style and choice of equipment, you can consider the following accessories (Purchased separately) to use with your X-Pole purple aerial silk.
Lupit | Aerial Ceiling Mount
Lupit | Aerial Snap Hook Carabiner
Lupit | Aerial Silk Mount Figure 8
Lupit | Aerial Swivel
X Pole | Silkii Attachment To Add Silks To Dance Pole
Lupit | Aerial Lupit Silk Mount for Pole


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